Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Current CSE/IT Curriculam in JNTU Kakinada

Being a professor in CSE/IT I feel the curriculam designed by authorities are little far from standards and practicalities. I have many to share. I observed many students, most of them are not practical. I mean they are neglecting practical aspects. Some times they think they can learn in the work places.

Whereever I go to address the students just to know the standard of students in the gathering I ask the following questions.
1. What happens when you press CTRL+F9 key in turbo C?. Which files gets created?. Which files really gets loaded to RAM?. etc., I am happy two / three times only got answers?.
2. My next query, if I copy the EXE file created by Turbo C to other Windows XP machine which does not have Turbo C, will it work?. Many of the students do not answer.
3. For my sadness, some students asks me does the processor which they have studied in Microprocessors course is different from Computer Architecture/Organization?. I am not blaming the students. Ofcourse, I know Faculty also main reasons. This is our education system.
4. Mathematical awareness is missing?. While teaching C language, I explained how to program Newton Raphson method. One M.Tech (CSE) guy from AU asked me why are you teaching mathematics?. I dont understand?. Does it mean they want to learn programming for the sake of JNTU or AU marks and forget!!!.

5. Just I am annoyed a Second Year boy said he doesnot know what is a check box in web pages?. Later he say, he has used it but he does not know it is a checkbox. See the fate of education system.

Always if we associate everything with marks they do it?.
I dont understand are they coming for marks or for the subjects.
Ofcourse, the parents also main reason. They ask how many marks you have got. They dont ask what did you learn today.

I always wonder is the college or university is for Learning or for Management?.
They are careful about second and neglect the first one.